Smart Sensing

At Smart Sensing Ltd., we’re committed to revolutionizing the way cities and businesses gather and analyze data. Our proprietary AIoT architecture provides cutting-edge smart city and business intelligence solutions that are helping to transform the way people live and work.

Our core technology, built from years of research on IoT sensing with smart cameras and RF devices, has been recognized with multiple awards for its outstanding impact on the industry.

Our focus is on improving operational efficiency and enhancing the customer experience in the cities we serve. Our goal is to help transform Hong Kong into a world-class smart city, starting with our recent target market in smart property management across various sectors such as shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, museums, and hospitals.

We are incubated by HKSTP and continuously strive to expand our expertise in RF sensing, while aiming to further extend our sensing capabilities through AI-powered smart cameras. At Smart Sensing Ltd., we believe in the power of technology to make our cities smarter, safer, and more connected. Join us on our mission to shape the future of data gathering and analysis.


Our DaaS-platform for Industrial AIoT Solutions

Core Components

Local Sensors & Actuators

Well-optimized infrastructure for seamless communications between sensors and actuators for sensing (i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and visual data etc.)

Computing Cloud

Exclusive algorithms for recovering trajectory under virtual MAC, IR/Thermal camera video analytics, Machine learning and federated learning techniques for multi-modal data, Multi-variate data forecasting…

Intelligent Insight/Control

Super user-friendly interfaces for target users to manipulate over the systems

Edge AI

Our assets and sensors at the Edge can be trained to perform autonomous tasks. Real-time data analytics and remote management of devices can be done in the field to achieve optimised performance and cost efficiency.

Application Modules

Smart Indoor Sensing Solution

Passive Positioning

Installing iBeacon seeds on site, Mobile apps then receive the iBeacon signals and interpret the changes of RF intensity to determine its distance, location and movement speed.

Results & Functions:

01. Precise Location
– Enable indoor navigation
– Apps / action trigger when entering certain zone

02. Relative Speed
– Enable real-time indoor speed detection

Active Positioning

Installing a modified firmware into local Access-Point device (i.e. Router), to detect the mac address and RF intensity of mobile devices, then determine the relative position of those mobile devices.

Results & Functions:

01. Crowd Distribution
– Enable heat map visualization for crowd location

02. Mobility Tracking
– Tracing the pattern of mobile device

Smart Car Park Solution

Smart Carpark Solution is a set of smart and efficient unattended parking management solution for all kinds of parking lots in the city.

Support more than 20 LPRs/camera with Edge AI, no wiring (WiFi/LoRa/NB-IoT)

Multi-plate recognition with plate coordinates

Early plate prediction for approaching cars

Smart Car Park System

Parallel Parking LPR

Multiple License Plate Recognition

Multi-vehicle Recognition

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